Monday, January 18, 2010

What's your business model?

After some time of trying to find a job suited to my tastes and not succeeding, I confess to being lured by a reason which I shall refer to as "Nigerian economics" after this article. In essence, when Americans are asked why they started a business, they will name some lofty goal such as "to achieve independence", whereas Nigerian entrepreneurs listed "making money" as their chief goal.

That being said, there's also a reason I've chosen this business. Namely, I'm trying to be ahead of my time. I agree with Jospeh Pine:

If you didn't watch the whole thing, the essential point is that over time the economy has undergone a number of shifts. The interesting part of the economy has shifted from an agricultural to an industrial and then to a service economy. The next step, however, will be to an experience economy where value will be based on "authenticity".

The problem with authenticity, though, is that it comes from people, not business. As a business, it is impossible to sell "your authentic self" to you. What is possible, however, is to make an authentic experience better, more colorful and cooler. The goal of Ex Chausa, then is to create objects, art, etc. that are part of your personal authentic reality.

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