Monday, January 18, 2010

How do you do this?

Most of the tools that I use to make things are free, and perferably open source. Some of them include Blender, Python, Gimp, the Spore Creature Creator (for rough-drafts only) and Partiview.

If you want a physical object, I will probably suggest Shapeways or Ponoko and will be happy to convert something into the proper format and upload it.

For some tasks, I also use programs that I wrote myself in Python or C. If people are really interested, I would probably be willing to open-source any of these too.

Except when otherwise unavoidable, I will try to keep stuff as DRM-free as possible. Anything that I produce for myself will be CC share-alike, whereas work sold to other people is fully theirs although I may ask to show it off in my portfolio.

You might be wondering, if all the programs you use are free, why should I pay you? The answer is that while the software is free, the thousands of hours I have spent mastering them are not. My time is not free. By all means, though, do learn how to use software like Blender for yourself because the more people who use open-source software, the stronger it will become.

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