Monday, January 18, 2010

Sample Project: Dolphin Ring

3d printing jewelry is something that seemed like a good idea to me ever since Shapeways started offering Stainless steel printing. As a sample, I made a ring of dolphins for my friend in Blender and uploaded it to Shapeways.

Here is what the ring looks like rendered in Blender:

And HERE is the link to it on Shapeways.

(I promise to post a picture after I print it out so you can see the final result)

This was a quick project (~1 hour), so it would cost ~$10 if you wanted me to sell you the 3d model. However, since this has some ability to sell on Shapeways, I would also be willing to consider uploading it to my Shapeways store where I would sell it for a small $2 markup over the printing price, although then it would no longer be completely personal. For example you couldn't say "You are the only person in the world with this" to the person you give it to.

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