Monday, January 18, 2010

What services do you offer?

"Whatever your tastes, Magrathea can cater to you"
--The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams.

Here at Ex Chausa, we build worlds. More specifically, we build your world. You might ask, if it's my world, why are you building it? And the answer is that we aren't really, because we can't, because it's yours. What we can do is help fill in the details.

Suppose, for example, that you say: "I already have my own world, it's the land of Awesome, and in the land of Awesome I am king!" Well, we completely agree with you, but we still think there are a few things we can offer. For example, does the land of Awesome have a map? How about a flag? Do you have a royal seal? Do you have a ring with your royal seal on it? We can make it all for you.

Maybe you and your friends have an inside joke about how gremlins are always stealing your work. We can give you a picture of the gremlin to show your friends, a video, a figurine, or even an animatronic robot that you can use to steal your friends work too.

Maybe you're a writer who doesn't have the time to research what a medieval economy looks like, but still wants to maintain some semblance of realism. Maybe you're wondering what it would do to the cobbler's guild if someone invented magical wings so people stopped walking around and wearing out their shoes so much. Through the power of maths and computer simulation, we can give you detailed answers to questions like these.

Maybe you're writing a sci-fi epic but don't have the patience to name all 10,000,000 stars in your galaxy. We can help with that too, and give you an interactive way to fly through your own galaxy.

Maybe you think "Star Wars is a load of hooey! I could make a better story if I had some spare time to fill in the details!" Well, maybe you can. And we can help with creatures for your world, stories, a wiki, even movies and novels if you think you can afford it.

Keep an eye on this blog for examples of most of the things listed above and ask yourself if there's anything you need for your world. If there's something not mentioned, even if you think its impossible, feel free to ask. Remember, anything you can imagine we can help bring-to-life!

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